Robot ShelfiePro

The personalised robot for retail

A better in-store customer experience

A better in-store customer experience

Show local promotions in the shop

Communicating at the right time and place

Choose a customised cardboard jacket per theme or promo wave

Personalise the ShelfiePro Robot interaction with customers
  • Tailor-made for your point of sale and commercial targets (kiosk function)
  • Finding products and guiding customers to the right location
  • More information about products, ingredients, allergens, ...
  • Interaction based on artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML)

ShelfiePro Robot has a coronavirus-resistant touch screen

Narrowcasting functionality

Moving display with promotions and information for your customers

Unique 360° LED screen with visibility from every angle

Integrated LED message board

Narrowcasting functionality

Optimal assortment management per product category

Optimal assortment management per product category

Automatic scanning of products on the shelves and promo zones using AI

Detection of out-of-stocks and alerting those responsible

Planogram compliancy (facings and shelf position)

Share of shelf per product category

Numeric distribution

Share of voice by product category

Monitoring CO2 concentration

ShelfiePro Robot measures CO2 at different places and times

ShelfiePro Robot helps corona containment: CO2 is a good indicator of Covid-19 risk

Monitoring CO2 concentration

Improving shopping experience with ShelfiePro Robot:

Flexible promotion options Low monthly price Personalised robot All-in service and maintenance

ShelfiePro Robot is ideal for:



Event agencies

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